Miscellaneous Legal Services

In addition to our core practice areas, we also provide assistance to clients in the following areas:

  • EVICTIONS (LANDLORD ONLY): Since opening, a key component to our business has been providing full representation to landlords through the entirety of the civil eviction litigation process.  From preparing the eviction notice through the final judgment, we are here to assist you in securing full (and legal) access to your property.

  • UNJUST DETAINER (AKA HOLDOVER GUESTS): Similar to an eviction, these actions differ than a traditional eviction in that there was never any landlord/tenant relationship, yet the non-homeowner party has acquired residential rights.  Most often seen in the context of former partners, friends, or family members that were allowed to stay but now refuse to leave.

  • PROBATE (NON-DISPUTED): Often times a loved one dies and the family is shocked to learn that they have to hire an attorney and go through proceedings for one reason or another (usually to transfer legal title to real property).  We provide full-service, affordable probate representation and will prepare all documents and Court orders necessary to accomplish what you need to accomplish in finalizing a loved one's estate.  

  • WILLS / LIVING WILLS / POWER OF ATTORNEY / HEALTHCARE SURROGATES: What is commonly referred to as our "Rainy Day Package", these documents are the basic components of any end-of-life plan and will leave you and your loved ones secure in the knowledge that your final wishes are accurately and explicitly recorded, as well as preventing any unwanted treatment or financial waste in case of mental incapacity.