Family Law

Because NOTHING is more important than your FAMILY

  Since opening our firm, Family Law has been approximately half of our focus.  In that time we have helped numerous clients secure their rights to their children and their property.  Whether you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, you are trying to secure rights to your child, or you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, Gregory Wise is the attorney you need when times get tough.  

  Because we are a small, client-focused firm, and because family law cases in many instances take longer than a year to reach a final judgment, we are very selective regarding which cases we take on.  However, as always all consultations are always free and Mr. Wise will personally evaluate your case and answer any questions you may have.  

Common cases we accept:

  • Divorce (contested or non-contested, with or without minor children)

  • Paternity / Custody Disputes (for non-married individuals with a child in common)

  • Domestic Violence / Stalking / Repeat Violence Injunctions 

  • Step-Parent Adoption

  • Parenting Plan / Divorce Modifications

  • Child Support Disputes


  • Our Family Law fees are typically three-tiered structured flat-fees (divorces and custody disputes); meaning, we charge a retainer for initial filing, investigation, review, and preparation of settlement/final order (if applicable); if case is unable to settle and is referred to mediation, we charge an additional retainer for the mediation preparation and attendance; if mediation reaches an impasse and no agreement is reached, an additional fee for trial applies.

  • Every case is different, and fees are set by the estimated time requirement and complexity it will require.  

  • Consultations are always free, and we do not charge for phone calls and office appointments in most cases.

  • 24/7  Access to your Attorney: because Family Law disputes (especially when involving children and custody disputes) are usually fluid and time-sensitive, every client has Mr. Wise's personal cell phone number for emergencies.  At most, expect a return call within 24 hours.